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Christ & Culture

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One of our desires as a church is to understand what the Good News of Jesus has to say to the questions our culture is asking and the issues our culture is facing. 

On Sunday mornings, we are typically opening up our Bibles and going through individual books one verse at a time. Although we try to speak clearly to various topics as we encounter them in the Biblical text, we also want to make sure we are proactively seeking to steer ourselves into the conversations we need to have and the problems we need to wrestle with as God's people living in exile on this earth. 

This year we are launching a new "Christ & Culture" blog that will aim to intentionally bring us into important conversations as a church family. Our hope is that we wouldn't just read, but that we would also reflect and respond. Here's what we mean... 

1. Set aside some time without hurry or distraction
2. Read through the article in full 
3. Take some time to reflect and pray
4. Fill out our simple Individual Response Survey and share your thoughts

I will be reading through each response, sharing the feedback with our Pastors, and thinking through any possible next steps related to Village Church and how we can continue to grow in a particular area. You will find the Survey Response link at the end of each article. 

May God give us much wisdom in the days ahead, 

Pastor David


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