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Archives for August 2011

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Cross Training @ The Village

This letter outlines the details for our upcoming Cross-Training Gathering. If you've signed up for Cross-Training, please take a read....

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The 60 | Authority Unexpected | Mark 4:35-5:20

The 60 offers a review of the Sunday sermon for individuals as well as Community Groups. Here you'll find a partial review of Pastor Matt's outline from Sunday, application questions, as well as a formational exercise....

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The 60: Authority Unexpected | Mark 4:35-5:20 | Life Unexpected

We might expect someone to have authority over some things, but Jesus claims to have authority over all things – Authority Unexpected. ...

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This Sunday @ The Village - Authority Unexpected

Jesus said, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth." Do we really believe that? This Sunday we'll see the authority Jesus has over raging circumstances and a raging man, and consider the authority Jesus has over all that rages in and around us today....

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This Sunday @ The Village - Kingdom Unexpected

This Sunday we'll see how God's Kingdom is an unexpected Kingdom - it starts out smaller than expected, but grows into something much larger than expected, in our own lives, and in the lives of those around us....

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Evangelism Unexpected | Mark 4:1-20 | Life Unexpected

How does you become a Christian? How do you know it? Jesus tells His disciples, and us, a Parable to answer these questions....

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This Sunday @ The Village - Evangelism Unexpected

Evangelism is a subject that most Christians are uncomfortable with at the least and uneducated about at the most. Join us Sunday to see what Jesus has to say about how we're saved, how we know we are, and how we participate in what God is doing in saving others....

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Men's Advance 2011 - Sign Up This Week

The 2011 Men's Advance is now 8 weeks away. This weekend will fill up, so sign up this week in the HUB!...

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The One Another's of The New Testament

Are you acting like you're part of the Family of God? This post lists 23 "One Another's" of the New Testament to give us a glimpse of what that literally means....

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The 60: Family Unexpected | Mark 3:31-35 | Life Unexpected

What Jesus is going to tell us this morning is that there is a Biological Family that comes through Birth, and a Spiritual Family that comes through Re-birth…….there is a Natural Family you’re in by Blood, and a Spiritual Family you can be in by His Blood...

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The 60: Accusation Unexpected | Mark 3:20-30 | Life Unexpected

Accusing Jesus too much of forgivable things may lead you to a place where you accuse Jesus of an unforgivable thing. ...

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