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5 Ways To Love One Another On A Lean Budget

You’ve heard it said a thousand times that Christians are to love one another. But what does that actually mean in the actual things of life? In his letters, the Apostle John tells us we are to love one another in some general ways (1 John 3:11, 4:7-8; 2 John 1:5), but then goes on to tell us that we are to love one another in one very particular way (1 John 3:17-18):

But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him? Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth. (1 John 3:17-18, ESV)

John says that loving other Christians means putting our money where our mouth is – quite literally. But what does that look like if you’re not made of money? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Share What You Can: “If anyone has the world’s goods” could be more literally translated, “if anyone has enough money to live comfortably on.” You may not feel like you live that comfortably, but you probably live more comfortably than someone in our church. How could you help another person or family in our church in some small way? A twenty-dollar gift card to the local market or gas station for example, might help someone in our church in a greater way than you think.
  2. Share A Meal: There are undoubtedly families in our church that would he blessed by having to prepare and pay for one less meal this week. By inviting them for a meal, they’ll save them the time, and the money, and you’ll get to know them and their need better in the process.
  3. Sell Your Stuff: Your garage or storage closet might be more full than you think with items that will sell on Craig’s List for more cash than you think. Consider taking a couple of hours to go through your stuff, take some pics, and start posting. Make it a family affair. Use the money you make to bless other families in need in our church.
  4. Share The Love: Giving to others is fun, so share the love. If you’re in a Community Group, invite your group to help meet the need with you. If your group participates together, the church will match what you raise together up to three hundred dollars. That’s a potential six hundred dollar gift to a person or family in need in our church.
  5. Sign Up For FPU: You may not be able to give the way you want to today because you have too much debt today. Consider signing up for the next FPU Class at The Village this January and put yourself in a better place not only to live better, but give better someday soon.

What creative ideas do you have for loving one another on a lean budget?