Irvine, CA // Sunday Service Time: 9:30 AM

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Declaring The Truth About Jesus

The mission of Village Church is to DECLARE the truth about Jesus, TRAIN one another to Jesus, SERVE people like Jesus and PLANT churches where people need Jesus.  We believe this happens more between Sundays than on Sundays.  If so, what does it look like to Declare the Gospel between Sundays?

During our Village Church Vision Sunday I offered the following 'vivid description' of what it looks like to be a church committed to DECLARING the truth about Jesus:

Our God is a God who declares – in creation, His covenants, the coming of Jesus, the church, and one day at the consummation.  Because of this, we see thousands of people who are committed to declaring the truth about Jesus and His Gospel in a bold and loving way to a culture that would rather discuss or debate it.  This begins in the pulpit with preaching and teaching that is declarative and deeply focused on Jesus and the Gospel.  The preaching will clearly and consistently present the truth of the Gospel in such a way that someone who comes is deeply challenged by it, but can easily understand it, and joyfully respond to it.  This declaration then reaches from the pulpit into the pew.  We see thousands of men and women who understand the message of the Gospel clearly, and are on mission to declare the Gospel passionately, first to each other, then to the world around them.  These are people who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but are overwhelmed by His goodness to them and can't help but declare the reality of Jesus always and everywhere.

God has been declaring and is declaring to you and I today, primarily through His Word.  Receive His declaration to you Village Church, then declare it to those around you.