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God Is Generous


God's Generosity To The Village Church

Last week at our weekly Staff Meeting, I led our Staff through a brainstorm related to God's generosity to The Village Church. The whiteboard above shows what we came up with in 2 minutes or less:

Urgency: God has gifted us with a sense of urgency about His call on our lives and His mission that He has included us in. He is generous.

Facility: God has gifted us with a great space to meet in in a city that is not setting aside more land for new churches. What a gift. He is generous.

Resource: Last year, God gifted us with the single largest financial gift that has ever been given to our church, from someone who never even loved Jesus. Its been a joy to give it away, and a joy see how God has used it to sustain and bless His people today. He is generous.

Multigenerational: God has gifted us with a church filled with people young and old, and everyone in between. This is what life is like, so this is what the church should look like…..and we do. He is generous.

Strong Men: God has gifted us with strong men, hungry for the Gospel, leading their families well and serving the church well. Strong men, strong church. He is generous.

Competent Congregants: God has gifted us with a church filled with competent men and women who know a lot about a lot of different things, and use what they know to serve the church and the community. God is generous.

Volunteers: God has gifted us with a church filled with people who are willing to give their time, treasure and talents for the sake of the Gospel. We seem to always need new volunteers, but we never seem to lack them at the end of the day. God is generous.

Children / Families / Marriages: God has gifted us with a grip of children for our size church. This begins with healthy marriages, which begin healthy families that produce lots of children. God is generous.

Suffering: God has gifted us with sufficient suffering. As I consider the church today, I see the faces of many individuals and families that are suffering in one way or another. But in that, I see a people what are maturing through their suffering. God is generous.

Jesus Focus: God has gifted us with a church that is consistently focused on Jesus, making much of Him, keeping Him central in all things. That should be a no-brainer, but in still something we need gifted to us, like anything else. In this, God is most generous.

These are just a few thoughts the Staff came up with in literally two minutes or less. Maybe consider taking two minutes sometime in your week to consider how God has been generous to you, and generous to our church. Then consider how He may be calling you to be generous – to your family, your church, and your community.