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Marriage Proposal @ The Village!

One clear mark of a healthy church is life-change, and we've been seeing more and more of that at The Village, especially in the last 6 months.  In the past 90 days we've seen close to 10 people come to know Jesus, and experience His life-changing Presence and power in their lives.

One recent story of life-change is the story of my new friend Craig.  Craig was at church the morning we recently had baptisms.  He heard the preaching of the Word, saw the baptisms, and heard the testimonies.  It was only AFTER church was over that the family member who invited him prayed with him to receive Christ.  If you read the church blog or saw the pictures, you might remember Craig as the guy who got baptized AFTER church, while we were draining the baptismal.  What a sight to see!

After coming to know Jesus, He began to convict Craig that he needed to marry his girlfriend Bobby, to make their relationship right before Him.  After praying and planning, Craig proposed to Bobby on New Years day in the back of church during the responsive worship time!  That was a first for me to see.  I've seen proposals in all kinds of places, but never in church.  And why not?  Why not in church?  It seemed like the best place to Craig in his new relationship with Jesus.  What an incredible responsive worship time for him, (1) singing songs to Jesus, (2) remembering Jesus by receiving Communion, and (2) asking Bobby to marry him, so their lives and marriage can rightly reflect our marriage to Christ as His Church, the Bride of Christ!  It doesn't get much better than that at The Village!

Jesus is changing lives.  He is calling unsuspecting sinners to Himself, making them saints.  He is calling men and women to radical life-change through the radically transforming power and radically transfiguring Presence of Himself.  Praise God!

Who is your Craig?  Is God calling you to invite someone to The Village this week to hear about Jesus?  We promise to tell them about Him, and invite them to Him, if you step out in faith and invite them to His church.

Oh, by the way.......SHE SAID YES!!!