LATEST UPDATE: Outdoor Sunday Services

Irvine, CA // Service Times: 8:30 & 10:00 AM

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Mother's Room Mini Makeover!

Women of The Village,

With some help from our wives and Janielle Krusiewicz, Pastor Andy and I set out today to do a little Mother’s Room Mini-Makeover.  

We know the Mother’s Room has been less than comfortable of late, so we hope these minor changes will make it much more inviting and functional for you, starting this Sunday.  Our hope is that you’re able to enjoy worship, fellowship and the preaching of the Word all the more this Sunday as you care for your little ones as only you can.

This Sunday we’ll also be having a child dedication for Madelyn Joy Selllars and recognizing Sanctity of Life Sunday!  What a great morning for the women of our church…….young, old, born and unborn.

See ya Sunday,

Pastor Matt