Irvine, CA // Sunday Service Time: 9:30 AM

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Old Insights On Sunday Mornings:


This past weekend a couple of the Elders and I headed to Seattle to do some research on church planting and begin a year long intensive ministry coaching initiative.  The coaching began early and unofficially as we listend to Mark Driscol preach out of Luke 8:16-21.  During his message Mark shared some insights from George Whitfield on how the church family should approach Sunday mornings and their time together in God's Word.  Below is my paraphrase of Whitfields' comments, which I thought might be helpful as we get ready to engage the book of Galatians together this Sunday.

When coming to gather for the study of God's Word together on Sunday, Whitfield challenges every church family member to the following (in my own words):

  1. Come to listen to hear, and know, and do your duty to Christ and for His Kingdom
  2. Pay attention to what the Scripture is saying as a priority.  Chew the meat of the Scripture and spit out the bones, which would be anything the preacher says that are not true to the Scripture or clear from the passage you're studying.
  3. Don't spend your time criticizing the preacher.  Pay attention to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you, regardless of what you think of him.
  4. Don't elevate the preacher too much, or at all.......certainly never above the One he is preaching about.
  5. Let the sermon come in you, not just to you.  Be open to God and let what is said penetrate you, not just come to your ears.
  6. Pray before, during, and after the sermon.

Hope this is a help to you this Sunday as begin to engage Galatians together, and every Sunday we engage the Scripture together, no matter who's teaching form them.