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TRAIN: The Unconsiously Competent Leader

Hey Village,

Do you want to grow as a your home…your community…..your office, in your church?  Consider for a few minutes today the life of Apollos and three stages of Leadership Development:

"Now a Jew named Apollos, a native of Alexandria, came to Ephesus.  He was an eloquent man, competent in the Scriptures.  He had been instructed in the way of the Lord. And being fervent in spirit, he spoke and taught accurately the things concerning Jesus, though he knew only the baptism of John.  He began to speak boldly in the synagogue, but when Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they took him and explained to him the way of God more accurately.  And when he wished to cross to Achaia, the brothers encouraged him and wrote to the disciples to welcome him.  When he arrived, he greatly helped those who through grace had believed, for he powerfully refuted the Jews in public, showing by the Scriptures that the Christ was Jesus." - Acts 18:24-28

(1)  Unconscious Ignorance

All leaders start out in unconscious least to some degree and in some way.  Apollos wasn't a completely ignorant leader by any means.  He was eloquent, competent in the Scriptures, well trained in many ways, zealous, and teaching well about Jesus.  Yet there was something he was unconsciously ignorant about - baptism in the name of Jesus.

All of us are Apollos.  None of us are completely ignorant, but we are ignorant somewhere, somehow, and on some things that may be more than somewhat important.  When you stop to think about it for a moment, is there anything significant you may be unconsciously ignorant about?  If so, what do you do?  There's nothing more dangerous than an unconsciously incompetent leader.

(2)  Conscious Competence

While Apollos was still in his unconscious incompetence, God brought Priscilla and Aquila to explain the way more accurately to him.  He was trained, but he needed more training.  He was consciously competent in some areas, but not in this one.  By God’s grace, God brought him the training he needed.  God valued him, and brought him what he needed so he could increasingly proclaim the value of Christ.

Is there any place you know you are not consciously competent?  Do you want to be?  Who has God put around you that might help you become more consciously competent in this area?  What kind of training might you need?  What kind of initiative might you need to take in responding to the initiative of God in your life here?  Are you open to someone explaining the way more accurately to you?  Is there someone you could ask to point out any blind spots in your leadership?  Leaders are teachable, always wanting to be more and more consciously competent.

(3)  Unconscious Competence

Apollos eventually wanted to go to Achaia.  When he did, he had the training he needed.  He had been teachable.  He was willing to receive instruction, so he was ready.  Because of that, his brothers encouraged him, the church welcomed him, and he had a devastating ministry in Achaia, challenging the Jews and greatly helping those who believed.......without even thinking about it - unconscious competence.

This is the end game.  Unconscious competence.  This is who you are now in this area of your life and leadership.  This flows naturally and powerfully out of who you are.  You serve now with a greater sense of ease, and greater sense of effectiveness.  By God's grace, you're able to serve more like Jesus because you are more like Jesus, because you've learned to think more like Jesus.

Are you an unconsciously competent leader in that place where you'd like to be?

Growing with you,