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Training Partnership - Jenielle Krusiewicz


I never really liked school. I loved the social aspect of spending hours with my friends but the work part of school never excited me. This is mostly because training and discipline have been more obligatory activities for me. I don’t consider myself a very disciplined person. Because my dream was to become a stay at home mom, training and equipping didn’t seem relevant. Who needs to be trained to be a mom? Well, now as a mother to three and a little further in my sanctification process, I can see I was a little ignorant. The training I needed wasn’t academic, it was experiential. I needed to walk alongside women who have “been there” and “done that.” I needed to be taught the truth of the gospel. I needed someone to remind me that training is part of the spiritual life. It is essential to growth. I have been so encouraged by the training I have received here at the Village Church of Irvine. Events like “Hearts at home,” have helped me create a healthy identity in my role as a friend, a wife, and a mother. Meeting together with other women and discussing how the gospel impacts our roles has been very meaningful for me. When the “Desperate, hope for moms who need to breath”, book study was announced I eagerly joined because the title was compelling. I felt desperate and I wanted a formula to fix it. This book and the discussions that came from it were far from formulas. It was the gospel. The women surrounding me were desperate, but my experience reading with them showed me more about the gospel than any other class or training I had received. I ended up signing up to read it again with another group of moms because it was so encouraging. The discussions and the relationships built from these events have truly shaped the woman I am today. Walking alongside like minded women in the midst of struggle and victory changes you. The Lord used these social training events to take me from a cynical, uninvolved seat filler at the Village Church to a vulnerable and moldable, active partner in the gospel. And now God has called me to respond. Starting Village Moms was a dream and I had hoped for someone in the church to start a moms group for a long time. Emphasis on someone else. I have never felt equipped enough to handle a giant like this, but here I am today with an amazing God and a wonderful team, launching a moms group that will help train and serve the mothers at the Village Church of Irvine. I’m so thankful that God used these small gatherings to train me. I think if I had known the purpose I might not have gone. But He knew me and knew what I needed and for that I am truly grateful.

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