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Sunday Service


Village Church // Sunday Service Guide – May 24th2020

Good morning, Village Church!

As we continue to find ourselves scattered throughout Orange County, our prayer is that God would continue to strengthen and unite us. May we see in these days that our mission is unchanged. Let's continue to delight in Jesus, declare the Good News about Jesus, and display the life of Jesus – like never before, because every village needs Jesus. 

If you just found us online or someone invited you to check out this Sunday service, welcome! We are glad to have you, and we hope to meet you in person someday soon. 

May we be reminded this morning that God is bigger than whatever situations we face, that God has a purpose in all things, and that we don't walk alone in this.

Love you all and miss you greatly. Enjoy the service!

Pastor David



Take some time to pray alone or with family if you are gathered together. Ask God to teach you this morning through His Word, to convict your heart of ways you can trust Him more deeply, and unite our church in this season.


Use one of the songs from our music playlist, or pick one of your favorite worship songs, and spend some time singing praises to God. 




Open your Bible and read James 3:13-18. If you want, you can read it out loud a few times through.   


You can watch the sermon HERE or play the video embedded below*: 


You can spend this time in responsive worship as we normally do on a Sunday morning gathering: Reflecting on the passage and sermon, singing to Jesus, and giving of tithes and offerings.   


Take some time to reflect on these questions – you can discuss them with family gathered in your living room, just think through silently, or get out your journal and write some thoughts down. 

  • What is one decision you are wanting and needing true, godly wisdom for right now? Describe it. Why is this decision so important to you?
  • Do you see any way(s) you have allowed a counterfeit wisdom to creep into your life as a Christian? If so, describe it. What do you intend to do about it?
  • Do you see evidence of the seven characteristics of Christ-Minded Wisdom in verse seventeen working themselves out in recent decisions you have made? If so, describe it. What has been the outcome of that decision so far?
  • Action Item: Make a list of the seven characteristics of Christ-Minded Wisdom - peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy, full of good fruits, impartial and sincere. Post this list somewhere in your house where you can see it easily. Make a commitment to look at it before making any major decisions this week.


Pray for those infected by this virus. Pray for those impacted in some way by this virus. Pray for our nation. Pray for the Church. Pray for our church. Pray about ways Jesus would be leading you to engage others in this time of separation. Pray for whatever you sense the Spirit of God would be leading you in.


During this time that we are scattered in our homes as a church family, we will continue to give of our tithes and offerings with hearts of gratitude and love. If you give online at Village Church, you can continue in that way. If you typically give on Sunday mornings in the offering boxes, you can get setup to give online at our Online Giving Page, or send a check to our office address.


Are you checking out Village Church for the first time? We would love to get to know you. Hopefully soon we will be back together for our Sunday morning worship services, but we would love to connect with you in the meantime. You can fill out this quick Welcome Card and we will reach out via email. 


Each week you can find a variety of resources to help lead your kids through their children's Bible lessons for the week. Our curriculum publisher, Lifeway, has opened an online portal for parents to access all the materials for free during this time. You can use the links below to check out this great content: