Irvine, CA // Sunday Mornings Online: 10:00 AM

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This Easter Sunday, Christians all around the world will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Although things might look a bit different this year, and we are living in world filled with uncertainty, we believe that we can celebrate the hope we have found in Jesus Christ, because Jesus is still alive today. He is with us, and He is for us. 

Happy Easter! We hope you enjoy this special Easter Sunday service: 

During this season, all Village Church gatherings have moved online, including our Sunday services. We invite you to join us from your living room as we open up God's Word together this Easter Sunday morning and celebrate Jesus together. 

If you are new to Village Church, or never been part of any church family, we are glad you found us here. We invite you to join our Sunday morning service and hear what the Bible says about the hope of Jesus for our lives.


We put together a special Easter Sunday video for your kids. You can check out this video using the link below: