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Village Kids

In this current season, Village Kids meets outdoors during Sunday services, using our playground, grass area, and back parking lot.

Here's what you need to know for Village Kids Outdoor Sundays: 

- We will have two classes available: Older Kids (1st - 6th grade) and Younger Kids (Kindergarten and under)

- We will not have a nursery class available at this time

- Each class will include a lesson and organized games/activities

- Check-in will begin 15 minutes before service time. Please arrive early for check-in. 



At Village Church, we believe that Jesus sees disciples as children and children as disciples. Because of that, we’re serious about our kids coming to know Him and growing in their relationship with Him and likeness to Him. We really believe that’s possible, and we see it happening in the lives of our Village Church kids.

Outside of our Sunday gatherings we aim to serve our kids and their families through monthly 4th - 6th grade gatherings and our "Village Adventures" Vacation Bible School each summer.


Beginning in 2020 at Village Kids, we will be spending a portion of our Sunday morning classroom time making our way through the 52-week New City Catechism. Each week we will teach students a new question and we will work on memorizing the answers. The New City Catechism is a great resource for parents to help children memorize important doctrines of our faith. 

There are a variety of resources available online and for purchase at our Kid's Ministry Kiosk on Sunday mornings. We will also be providing parents with a weekly discussion guide for parents to help engage the questions and answers at home. 

We hope you are excited about using the New City Catechism in 2020 and beyond. We look forward to seeing our Village Church kids filling their minds and hearts with the truth of the Gospel this year. 



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