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Reading Plan 2019


It is our deep desire to see the people of Village Church reading God's Word with consistency and joy in the days ahead. We have put together a plan for 2019 to read through Scripture as a church family, and we hope you will join with us in this. 

Our 2019 reading plan will be an adapted version of the "M'Cheyne" reading plan, a well known and loved plan put together by the 19th century Scottish minister Robert Murray M'Cheyne, and used as the reading plan for D.A. Carson's devotional, "For the Love of God."  This particular reading plan gives us about four chapters of Scripture each day and will lead us through: 

The Old Testament (once)
Psalms (twice)
The New Testament (twice)

We are really excited to be doing this together, and we believe it will be a tremendous blessing to be reading God's Word together in alignment as a church throughout 2019. 

You can find the information on the front pages of the D.A. Carson devotional book, or view the digital PDF version here.

Along with the daily readings in Scripture, you can read a one-page devotional from D.A. Carson that is designed to supplement your reading. Each day is labeled and syncs up with the readings of the plan. We will have these devotionals available for purchase on Sundays beginning this week.

If you prefer a digital version, you can check out these options below: 

Kindle Version

Digital Download

Daily Blog Format

The daily devotional consists of 365 readings that help you consider the readings more deeply and see the Gospel story across all of Scripture. Many people have found this devotional to be useful year after year. 

Looking forward to engaging Scripture together in 2019 and beyond with you!