Sunday services: 9 & 11am

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Women's Ministry

Our Village Women's Ministry exists to help the women of Village Church delight in Jesus, declare the good news about Jesus, and display the life of Jesus - because every woman needs Jesus.

Women's Ministry Gatherings

Women's Ministry Gatherings are designed to help our women:

  • Connect in deeper Communion with Jesus, their Leader.
  • Connect in deeper Community with each other, their Sisters.
  • Connect more Compassionately with other women who have yet to know Jesus. 

Women's Bible/Book Studies

Women's Bible and Book Studies are held quarterly and focus on three categories:

  • Books that help women THINK more like Jesus (Systematic Theology)
  • Books that help women BECOME more like Jesus (Spiritual Formation)
  • Books that help women LIVE more like Jesus (Practical Theology) 



Our deep desire is that the women of Village Church would share life together day-by-day. One of the ways we do this is with an online network through Slack.

Slack is a communication tool that can be used from any computer or device, and it gives us open lines of communication that help our women stay connected through prayer, fellowship, and encouragement.

SLACK NETWORK: Inside our Village Women’s Ministry Slack Network we have categorized channels that you can subscribe to. These are things like, “prayer requests” and “mom meetups”, or channels for coordinating hikes or coffee fellowship together. Our hope is that we would bear each other’s burdens throughout the days and weeks, and share in the everyday moments of life. 

Want to be part of our Village Women's Ministry Slack Network? Join below:  


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