Sunday services: 9 & 11am

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Men's Ministry


Fall 2019 Bible Study

This Fall, our men will be studying Colossians & Philemon for six weeks on Tuesday evenings. We invite you to join us as we grow together in God's Word this Fall. 

Tuesday Evenings: 7:30 - 9:00 PM



Our Village Men's Ministry exists to meet the unique needs of men who seek to honor Jesus with their lives. We firmly believe that God has called us to walk through life together in deep fellowship with Jesus and with each other. 


At Village Church, our men are engaged in community and discipleship through Community Groups and the Apprentice Academy program. Therefore, our Men's Ministry is not built on a quantity of weekly or monthly programs, but on quality quarterly gatherings where we seek to grow stronger together and continue advancing together in the Gospel of Jesus. 



At Village Church, we want every man to be connected in fellowship with other believers. We use a quarterly calendar for group studies, to make it easier for new people to jump into a group throughout the year. Men at Village Church are invited to join:

  • Community Groups 
  • Men's Studies 
  • Village Academy Courses

Check out our Groups Directory to see our current list of groups meeting throughout Orange County.  



Our deep desire is that the men of Village Church would share life together day-by-day. One of the ways we do this is with an online network through Slack.

Slack is a communication tool that can be used from any computer or device, and it gives us open lines of communication that help our men stay connected through prayer, fellowship, and encouragement.

SLACK NETWORK: Inside our Village Men’s Ministry Slack Network we have categorized “channels” that you can subscribe to. These are things like, “prayer requests” and “lunch meetups”, or channels for connecting to play sports or grab coffee together. Our hope is that we would bear each other’s burdens throughout the days and weeks, and share in the everyday moments of life.

Want to be part of our Village Men's Ministry Slack Network? Join below:  


Have a question? Want more info? Email us - [email protected]