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DECALRE: Do You Celebreate Your Kids Birthdays?

It's Our Mandie Mae's Spiritual Birthday!

Growing up, my family made a BIG deal out of birthdays.  There was no big party one year and a little party the next.  Every year my parents went big.  Not like the tacky stuff you see on reality TV, but big enough nonetheless.  Looking back on it, none of the big stuff my parents did made me spoiled, only secure.  I knew my family loved me.  Their care declared to me that my life was valuable, significant, unique, meaningful, and worth celebrating.

We make a big deal about our kids birthdays in the Kyser household today too, and for many of the same reasons.  We throw big parties.....lots of friends.....lots of family.....lots of fun.  We bust out family videos, watch their birth, "the wonder years," and even footage we've shot in the last year (I usually cry half the time).  BUT, we make an even bigger deal about our kids Spiritual Birthday's around our house.  No matter how good the day was that each of our kids was born, it doesn't compare in the least to the day they were re-born (Jn.3:3).  The days our kids were born are some of the best days of the year for us to be sure.  But the days we celebrate their re-birth are at the top of our list - hands down.  Just like the big to-do my parents made about my birthday every year made me feel secure in my family, our goal is to make an even bigger to-do about our kids Spiritual Birthdays, to help them feel even more secure about their place in God's family.  I want our celebration of their Spiritual Birthdays to declare to them that they are valuable in God's sight, that their lives are significant to and for him, that they are uniquely made in His image and for His pleasure, that their lives are meaningful to and for Jesus, and that there is nothing worth celebrating more than that.

Today is Mandie Mae's Spiritual Birthday!!! - 11 years old, and 4 years old in the Lord!  Her name means "loveable gift from God," and she is all that to be sure - and then some.  it's a BIG DAY in the Kyser household.  Is it for your kids' Spiritual Birthday?

Happy Spiritual Birthday Mandie Mae!!!  We love you more than words can say, and Jesus loves you more still.

Love, Dad & Mom