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Five Things to Know This Month: May 2018

May 2018 __ 19202

Each month we send you "Five Things to Know" this month at Village Church. This will typically include classes, info, and upcoming events. We also will give you dates to save as early as possible, so that you can get them on your calendar and be able to plan for them. Here's five things to know this month:

1. Middle Time // May 6th

We hope you will join us this Sunday between services for our "Middle Time" fellowship. Our monthly Middle Time is an opportunity to get to know a few people and enjoy some great food and coffee. We will see you there!

9:00 - 10:15 AM // FIRST SERVICE
10:15 - 11:00 AM // MIDDLE TIME
11:00 AM - 12:15 AM // SECOND SERVICE

2. Promotion Sunday

If you have a child in Village Kids or Village Youth, you might be wondering when they move up a grade level in their Sunday morning classrooms. Our Promotion Sunday will be on June 17th.

Depending on the ages of your children, this could mean a new classroom, or just moving up a grade and remaining in the same classroom. We will have more information in the coming weeks, but you can mark your calendar today. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. You can email Melanie Begg, or stop by our check-in kiosk on Sunday and we will be glad to help.  

3. Child Dedications

Will be having child dedications on Sunday, May 20th. This is a special time when parents make a commitment before the Lord, and our church family, to raise a child according to God's Word and his plan. If your family would like to participate, please email Lauren West

4. Men's Advance 2018 Dates // October 5th-7th

Our 2018 Men's Advance dates are set for October 5th-7th. This is the biggest men's event of the year, and it's a great time to get away to grow in the Lord and in fellowship with the men of Village Church. 

Mark your calendars, men. 

5. Acts 29 Network Update // 700 Churches

Village Church is partnered with the Acts 29 Network, a diverse and global network of church-planting churches.

This last month we celebrated a new milestone of 700 churches on six continents - speaking 24 different languages! What a joy it is to see God moving in our network around the world. Village Church is committed to giving a portion of our tithes and offerings toward the efforts of the Acts 29 Network both nationally and globally, and we love seeing the fruit of this. 

Thanks to everyone who has helped support Village Church, and these new church plants around the world. Would you check out this short video clip and say a prayer for these churches?