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Five Things to Know This Month: November 2017

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Each month we send you "Five Things to Know" for the life of Village Church. This will typically include classes, info, and upcoming events. We also will give you dates to save as early as possible, so that you can get them on your calendar and be able to plan for them. Here's five things to know this month:

1. Christmas Block Party

Join us for our 2017 Christmas Block Party. An event filled with great food, games for all ages, an outdoor movie, and holiday festivities throughout the afternoon and evening. Come celebrate the Christmas season with your church family! This is also a great event to invite some friends or neighbors and introduce them to our church.

You can check out the full schedule + activities on our signup page. 

More Info + Signup:


2. November 13th - Parenting Open House

One of the ways we want to continue growing as a family of believers is through conversation and prayer in the most difficult areas of life.  

This Monday night, Pastor Matt and Dina are opening up their home for a time of sharing and praying together on the topic of parenting children who need extra care. In particular, we would love to have you join us if you:

1. Have children or grandchildren with special needs or disabilities with learning
2. Are struggling or have struggled in the past with the difficulties of raising children 
3. Have a heart for parents facing these things

We hope to see you there Monday night!

TIME: 7:00pm

Kyser Home

More Info + Signup:


3. From the Blog: Mental Health, Evil & The Bible

I could have never known that while preaching through Matthew 17 this past Sunday, including an aside in my sermon about natural and spiritual reasons for cases of extreme physiological aliments, a man with a history of mental illness would have walked into the First Baptist Church in Southerland Springs, Texas, shooting and killing twenty-six people, and wounding many more.

Are cases of mental illness and evil solely natural or physiological, or is something more going on here?

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4. Block Party Serve Teams

We are really excited for our Christmas Block Party on December 9th and we will need a lot of people to help us make it a great event. We have a few serve teams that you can sign up to be part of. Each of the teams plays just a small part in the evening, and you won't miss out on anything. 

Would you consider serving at the Block Party? You can signup for a serve team when you register for the event. 


5. From the Blog: Sunday Morning - A Holy Event

Recently in the Gospel of Matthew, we read these words:

 And after six days Jesus took with him Peter and James, and John his brother, and led them up a high mountain by themselves.(Matthew 17:1 ESV)

 “After six days.” This is an important three-word phrase. Important because biblically, six days represents the amount of days it takes to prepare for a holy event. In six days God created the earth. Then He set aside the seventh day and called it ‘holy’. Moses was on the mountain for six days, and then he saw the glory of the Lord. Six days of preparation, then a holy event – an event that is set apart in some significant way.

As Christians, we live in this six and one rhythm. Six days of any given week, then Sunday, the day the earliest Christians began gathering to celebrate and worship the resurrected Christ...

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