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Connecting at Village Church | The Wooten's Story

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We moved here from North Carolina only knowing a few people here through work. With family so far away and few friends, searching for a good church home was important to us. We found Village Church and a few other churches through our online search before moving.

After visiting several churches we decided on Village Church because of the people and the teaching. Several people introduced themselves to us that first week, made us feel welcomed, and even invited us to their community group. We were also encouraged by the commitment to share good news about Jesus every week. Every passage in the Bible points to Jesus in some way and the teaching on Sundays always draws a connection to Jesus and who He is, what He has done, and how that is Good News for us!

After deciding to attend Village Church, it made sense to go through the partner process. Picking a church home is so much more than attending on Sundays or joining a community group. This local body of believers is where the Father has called our family to be taught, encouraged, and trained as well as to serve others, give financially, and participate in what God is doing in Irvine.

We love how our good Father doesn’t just go about His work, but invites us to actively participate in it with Him. Going through the partnership process is a great way to officially make a commitment to our brothers and sisters here at Village Church and it gave us a great setting to get to know the elders better, gain a greater understanding of the vision of the church, and ask any questions we had. And since all the pastors at the Village are committed to showing how everything is about Jesus, even the partnership class taught us a few things about who Jesus is and we grew in our relationship with Him through the process.

- Brad, Tiffany, Zac, Eli, and Tate