Irvine, CA // Sunday Service Time: 9:30 AM

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Like you, each Thanksgiving season I’m made all the more aware of the great things I have to be thankful for......

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Connecting at Village Church | The Wooten's Story

Family_Photo (1)

Hear how the Wooten family got connected at Village Church. ...

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Greatness Awaits

The way we become great, like Jesus, is to become the least, like Jesus, while doing the most, like Jesus, through service, like Jesus....

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Are You Living For The Approval of Man?

7 Signs You're Living For The Approval of Man From John 7 Are you living for the approval of man instead of the approval of God? "Definitely not!" How do you know? "Maybe not." Seems a little unsure. "Hopefully not." Doesn't sound so hopeful. How would you really know that you're living for the approval of man, or not? What signs would you be looking for? John 7 is satur...

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5 Ways To Love One Another On A Lean Budget

You've heard it said a thousand times that Christians are to love one another. But what does that actually mean in the actual things of life? In his letters, the Apostle John tells us we are to love one another in some general ways (1 John 3:11, 4:7-8; 2 John 1:5), but then goes on to tell us that we are to love one another in one very particular way (1 John 3:17-18): But...

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September 26th Preview: Click Here

This Sunday at the Village we'll be tearing down the idea that Christianity is just a religion that binds people with rules, regulations and rituals. Invite someone out that thinks this way and see what God does....

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Old Insights On Sunday Mornings:

What's your posture as you approach your time together with God's people and His preacher on Sunday morning? Take a look at an old perspective on a not so new issue....

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