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Archives for September 2011

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The 60 | Mission Unexpected | Mark 6:7-32

The expected and accepted mission of the church is gathering, much more so than going. Going is mission unexpected. ...

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God For President

Awaiting some big political news this week? Need some biblical perspective?...

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This Sunday @ The Village - Unbelief Unexpected

Sometimes unbelief comes from the most unlikely people and places. This week we'll see the unbelief that Jesus encountered, make peace with reality about the unbelief we too will encounter, and consider any areas of unbelief in our own lives....

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The 60 | Faith Unexpected | Mark 5:21-43

The 60 is meant as a review of the things we considered together on Sunday. Take 60 minutes to engage it sometime this week, and / or share it with your Community Group....

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This Sunday @ The Village - Faith Unexpected

Have you been sick or suffering for some time? Are you wresting through some difficult things in your life at this time? Are you having a hard time trusting Jesus in something, in anything? This Sunday we'll be looking at the way Jesus helps us and heals us as we put our faith solely and completely in Him. ...

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