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Post Category: Sermon Reflection

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5 Ways To Grow In Mercy In The Next Five Days


Christians should love mercy, and long to grow in the way they receive mercy from Jesus and give mercy to others, in his name...

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Lessons On Ambition From An Original Tiger Mom


We live in city and county filled with Tiger Moms ambitious moms who push and promote their kids in every way, everyday (term coined by Amy Chua). If you want a picture of unbridled and unchecked ambition, you need look no further than your closest Tiger Mom. What can the ambition of Tiger Moms teach us about our own ambitions? In Matthew 20:20-28, we have an account of...

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Do unto Others as Jesus Has Done unto You


The Golden Rule is not just a command we are given, but it is also the undeserved treatment we have received from Jesus Christ...

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Blessed are the Meek


What comes to mind when you hear the word “meek”? Perhaps it’s something like the scrawny guy from an advertisement who gets sand kicked in his face and takes it for fear of getting pummeled. For most people, meekness sounds more like a character deficiency than a virtue. ...

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