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Material Partnership

This past Sunday we talked about what it means to be a material partner at the Village. Here, the Ayers family shares about how God provided for them through their church family....

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Relational Partnership

This past Sunday we learned about what it means to be a relational partner at the Village. Here Seth Gruber shares about his experience in community as a relational partner at Village Church. ...

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Missional Partnership: Scott & Katelyn Cheo's Story

This past Sunday we took a look at what it means to be a missional partner at the Village. Here is Scott and Katelyn Cheo sharing about their experience being partners on mission in their every day life....

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Theological Partnership | Matt & Kimberly Bowman

What does it look like to be a theological partner at Village Church?...

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What are the Most Important Things to Look for when Looking for A New Church?

One question we are often asked during Connect Group QA time is this: "What are the most important things to look for when looking for a new church?" Below you will find the answer I give to this question. As I think about these things, I am reminded of how grateful I am to be part of The Village Church with you. By God's grace, we are seeking after these things as we f...

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Scripture Engagement Four Plusser = Relational Christ Follower

Research consistently demonstrates that the best thing a church or ministry can do for the people they serve is to get them engaged in Scripture at least 4 times per week. "Four-Plussers" will have more of an impact on the world for Christ and the world will have less of an impact on him or her....

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It's Not Too Late to Memorize Philippians

It's Not To Late to memorize the book of Philippians with the rest of your friends at The Village. If you've missed out on week 1 and 2, dive it now and come along for the ride....

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Declaring The Truth About Jesus

During our Village Church Vision Sunday I offered the following 'vivid description' of what it looks like to be a church committed to DECLARING the truth about Jesus:...

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