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What are the Most Important Things to Look for when Looking for A New Church?

One question we are often asked during Connect Group Q&A time is this: “What are the most important things to look for when looking for a new church?”

Below you will find the answer I give to this question.

As I think about these things, I am reminded of how grateful I am to be part of The Village Church with you. By God's grace, we are seeking after these things as we follow Jesus together in this life. We are not a perfect church, but may we continue to strive towards these things, that we may effectively declare the Gospel to a world that is desparate for Jesus. 

7 Important Things To Look For In A New Church

  1. Spirit Filled People: do you get the sense that the people in the church are Spirit-filled, Spirit-led kinds of people? Is the life of Jesus flowing in seemingly natural ways from their lives?
  2. Son Confessing Believers: do you hear the name of Jesus mentioned often? Is He made much of? Does He seem to be the center point and focus of everything? Do you hear more about Him than you do certain principles, values, etc?
  3. Scripture Keeping Leaders: is the Bible the highest court of authority for belief and behavior? Is the preaching Scripturally grounded and sound? Are they declaring, reading, studying, memorizing and otherwise centered in Scripture?
  4. Sacrament Observing Saints: are the sacraments of Baptism and Communion observed regularly? Are new believers baptized often? Is Jesus remembered through Communion on a weekly or regular basis? Is He seen through these sacraments in clear and consistent ways?
  5. Sanctifying Society: are people clearly growing to be more like Jesus? Do you sense a strong desire, from the youngest to the oldest, the newest believer to the most seasoned saint, to be more like Him? Can you see it happening?
  6. Submitted to Godly Leaders: are there biblically qualified elders – men who are clearly called, committed, competent, and most importantly – filled with godly character? Do the Elders clearly care for the people? Do the people clearly respect their Elders?
  7. Sent & Scattered People of God: is the church, collectively, on mission in community, for the sake of the community? Is there as much emphasis on the scattering of the church as the gathering of the church? Do you sense the church exists for itself only, or also for the sake of those who don’t yet know Jesus?

There certainly is no perfect church, including The Village Church. We have room to grow in all of the above. But my hope is that this post re-affirms to you, like it did to my family and I, that we are part of, by God’s grace, a great church.

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