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Five Ways to Invite Someone this Easter


Village Church,

If you’re like me, you love seeing church services full on Easter Sunday morning. But what you’d love most would be seeing it full of people you know and love that you would love to see come to know and love Jesus.
Seeing them at church on Easter Sunday starts with an invitation to join you at church Easter Sunday. So, here are five ways to invite someone to Easter:
Believe it or not, there was a day when every invitation was a personal invitation. No social media. No cell phone. No texting. Just you and I talking face to face with people we know and love, in the midst of the everyday, ordinary things of life.
People love personal invitations. Survey’s show us that six out of ten people would accept an invitation to church if someone just made the invite. Think about the normal, everyday routines you will have this week, the places you will go, the people you will see. Think about a few, simple, personal invites you can make. See if the stats stack up.
Although most people appreciate a personal invitation, not every invitation has to be a personal invitation. We do live in an age of social media, and by God’s grace, He is using it, like He does all things, to draw people to Himself.
Paul used all the tools available to him in his day – shoes, boats, donkey’s, papyrus, his voice, etc – to reach as many people as he could. We can do the same with the technology we have in our day. So post it. Share it. Like it. Tag it. Use it.
Here's a few graphics you can download and use: 

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The people you would invite to Easter likely want to spend time with you, more than they want to spend time at church. That’s great, and that says something great about you and the relationship they have with you, or want with you. That says something about what they see in you – and Who they see in you.
Instead of just inviting them to Easter Sunday Service, invite them to celebrate all of Easter with you. Make a little more room around your table. Fill a few more eggs with candy for the kids. Use the “misc.” money in your budget to cover lunch at that restaurant you go to after church. Don’t just invite them to church. Invite them into your life, and into the things you do every Easter.
I’ve been inviting people to Easter, not necessarily to church. About half the conversations I’ve started with people about Easter have started something like, “Hey John, do you guys celebrate Easter? Is there anyone in town that you typically celebrate with?”
I’ve found this particularly helpful living in a city that is both transient and diverse. There are lots of people here with no family. No strong connections or traditions. There are also lots of families we know that know something about Easter, but not much. They’d like to know more about what they see as American traditions and holidays, but don’t know where to start. Either way, an invitation to an Easter celebration, which includes a morning at church, is a great place to start.
As much as you and I would like everyone we invite to Easter to join us at The Village, we want people to meet Jesus more than we want them to meet The Village. There will be some people that need to visit a larger church, to feel more anonymous, or visit a church with a different feel, where they feel more comfortable. That’s great, and we should do our best to serve them by recommending another church to them.
I hope one of these ideas is a timely reminder for you and someone you’re wanting to invite to Easter.
Pastor Matt