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Archives for January 2012

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This Sunday @ The Village: Marriage Unexpected

Your marriage not what you expected it would be? Know someone who's marriage isn't what they expected it to be? Single, and not knowing what to expected out of marriage? This Sunday we'll be considering "Marriage Unexpected," looking at what Jesus expects in marriage and what you can expect out of your marriage as you follow Jesus....

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Mother's Room Mini Makeover!

A Mini-Makeover has been done to the Mother's Room @ The Village. Check it out this Sunday moms....

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The 60: Frail Faith Unexpected - Mark 9:14-29

This Sunday we looked at the Full Faith we can seem to have on the mountain, and the sometimes Frail Faith we can seem to have in the valley. This week we look at the Frail Faith of the disciples and learn how to be full of faith in the midst of the everyday, ordinary....

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Video Preview: This Sunday @ The Village - "Frail Faith Unexpected"

This Sunday we'll continue our Life Unexpected series and consider "Frail Faith Unexpected." We'll look at the frail faith of people we'd expect, and people we'd never expect. In the end, we'll look at the faithfulness of Jesus....

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The 60 @ The Village: Unveiling Unexpected - Mark 9:2-13

The 60: This past Sunday we considered Unveiling Unexpected, and the reality that Jesus unveils Himself to us every time we open His Word....

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Marriage Proposal @ The Village!

Ever seen a marriage proposal at church? Not really? Why not? It made perfect sense to one new believer. Check it out:...

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This Sunday @ The Village: Unveiling Unexpected

This Sunday we'll be looking at the Transfiguration of Jesus and considering Unveiling Unexpected....

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